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Dreams Garden Trading LLC has developed 4 types of green walls systems, the selection of the system depends on the customer requirements.

Tropical rain forest vertical garden can be made with full developed bigger plants in Versiwall GP try systems.

If you need an indoor painting type live wall, we are the people you were looking for.

 "One Third amount of the water used by other Green Wall Systems."

Our living vertical green walls uses automatic irrigation system complete with organic growing substrate inserted into microwavable-grade plastic trays as panels. The type of drainage system or water recycle tank can be selected by the landscape architect. Saturated weight of green wall tray + substrate + plants = MAX 37 kg per square meter.

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Green Walls

An evolution in landscape architecture, living green walls also known as vertical garden. They are used to beautify an area without taking away space from the place. We provide light weight, simple, clean, user friendly green walls to our customers. We supply and install ​Versiwall GM and Versiwall GP with specially formulated substrate. Living green walls with a sustainable solution is our speciality.

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