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Preserved Trees

Preserved trees are used in the UAE and other countries where the climatic conditions don't necessarily provide to support a real tree. Sometimes, a particular tree is required to match the aesthetics of a space but due to the weather or temperature constraints, the natural tree will not survive. This is where, Preserved Trees are useful.


In a case where a project requires a custom made tree which is suitable for a space or facility, we have an option to make the tree according to your requirements, as in the tree trunk, the branches, leaves, the height, size, color, can all be customized to preference.

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            Since 2001.. 

Preserved Trees are categorized into two:

1) Out of the box sale (Mass produced)

2) Bespoke (Custom made)

Preserved/Artificial Date Palms

Date palms are a big part of the Arabian culture. We provide a wide varieties of Date Palms and other kinds of Palms which can be both used for indoor and outdoor locations. 

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