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Framed Moss Wall Art, High-Quality Moss

Moss walls are currently trending and these wonderful lichen moss brings vibrance to a space like no other decor, turning any bland interior into a stunning room. Dreams Garden has completed many framed moss wall art in and around the United Arab Emirates. 

We design, supply, and install high-quality moss wall as as per the client's requirement.In an ideal environment, moss walls can be sustained without much maintenance, which makes it an easy investment for the long term. 

Some of our key advantages:

  • Sustainably &  environmentally friendly.

  • High purity because of careful cleaning by hand.

  • Durability & unique feel due to our special preparation process.

  • We can guarantee the color quality

  • Guarantees fade-resistant, UV-resistant colors

  • Perfect appearance, because the raw mosses are completely dyed.

  • 5-year warranty on prepared & colored mosses. 

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